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Center Development and Management

As an diagnostic imaging management company our focus is to develop new outpatient centers as well as to upgrade and grow existing ones with the latest imaging technologies.  Diagnostic Imaging Management Companyís goal is to provide management services that can improve its clients' quality of healthcare services and increase their profitability.

DIMC provides the following services to your centerís development and operation:

Market Analysis and Strategy

DIMC will evaluate the market potential and opportunity of your imaging center.  In doing so, the Company will perform location analysis, sales and profitability forecasts to determine the imaging center needs.

Capitalization and Project Financing

We understand a market barrier to the imaging business is high start-up cost and capital requirement.  DIMC takes the burden of equipment acquisition and start-up cost away from the center operation, allowing the provider to focus on patient care and delivering quality health care services.

Proactive Marketing to Patients and Referring Customers

The center marketing strategy will focus on growing and expanding your referral base.  Our marketing campaign are targeted to high volume referring physicians within a specified radius.

The patient out-reach program ensures the highest customer satisfaction and promotes the center core competencies and accessibility.

Efficient Site Management and Promotion of Centerís Competencies

DIMC will implement operation strategies that maximizes the imaging systems capacity, efficient scheduling and work flow process.

Access to Technologically Advance Imaging Equipment

Your center will have access to state-of-the-art imaging products from manufactures such as:

  • Fonar Corporation
  • GE Medical Systems
  • Siemens Medical Solutions
  • Hitachi Medical Systems America
  • Toshiba Medical Systems

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